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The alluring charm of Mongolia entices the very reason for exploration and adventure. Wide open plains and fresh air, big skies and sheer vastness are some words to describe this ancient land. It is a harsh yet mystical landscape of prairie, forest and scattered lakes surrounded by a wall of mountains. But not many visit Mongolia and its nomadic populations leaving this jewel open for true exploration.



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The Darkhad Depression is a remote region on the Mongolian Steppe and the challenging and sometimes problematic nature in reaching the region ensures that the unique Tsaatan people are still able to continue their traditional nomadic lifestyle. It is a harsh yet mystical landscape of prairie, forest and scattered lakes surrounded by a wall of mountains that contrast the sky. The expedition team will spend two adventurous nights wild camping as they cross the open tundra in 4wd "Forgons" to arrive in Renchinlkhumbe. From here, they will set out on horse back from the Shishged River across the Darkhad Depression to arrive in Khatgal five days later.


The Khovsgol region is one of the more remote destinations in Mongolia with only 1.7 people per km² and it is this vast and majestic emptiness that holds the country's enduring appeal for untamed adventure. The expedition will journey to the western edge of the lake before embarking on wild horse back through the steppe valleys and nomadic communities to the village of Khatgal. This area is one of the last real frontiers on earth.



Where 600 foot sand dunes ‘sing’ when blow, the very mention of the Gobi Desert generally induces images of the remote, the exotic, and the formidable, and not without good cause. The scale of the Gobi Desert’s landscape is indeed breathtaking and the expedition will journey into the heart of this untamed wilderness.


Mongolia's vast emptiness links the land and sky and is one of the last few remaining places on the earth where the nomadic life is still a living tradition. It is a landlocked country located between China and Russia and boasts almost nine month winters and the coldest capital city in the world. That said, Mongolia's nickname is the "Land of Blue Skies," as there are said to be around 250 sunny days throughout each year.  Let our planning team get you lost in the right direction!


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