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One of the Last Frontiers

The alluring charm of Mongolia entices the very reason for exploration and adventure. With wide open plains, fresh air and big skies the sheer vastness is a testament to this ancient land. But not many people visit Mongolia or its nomadic populations leaving this jewel open for true exploration.

Mongolia is the least densely populated country on earth, offering empty and silent landscapes that range from the grasslands of the Mongol Steppe to the sands of the Gobi Desert. With wildflowers and spring onion covering the steppe in the north, to herds of gazelles and two hump camels in the east all the way to horsemen and their hunting eagles in the west, Mongolia is full of wildlife an adventure beyond any comprehension.

To experience the warmth and kindness of rural Mongolians, who welcome strangers into their gers and feed and water them, get in touch with our team now. It is truly one of the last frontiers on earth.


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