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Trans-Timor Trekkers re-unite for epic trek

Just over two years ago, 12 dedicated trekkers ventured over to Timor-Leste for an incredible journey across the width of the country on a coast to coast expedition called the "Trans-Timor Trek" - hosted by Earth Trails Expeditions. The team focused on raising much needed funds for Melbourne based charity East Timor Hearts Fund.

The original "Trans-Timor Trek" in 2017

Just over two years on, and 6 of the team members have banded together to support Timor-Leste once again on a 36km trek a little closer to home in the stunning landscapes of Kangaroo Valley in New South Wales. Other than completing the trek with stunning waterfall backdrops, the goal was to support educational projects, community water projects and community finances in Timor-Leste.

Original Trans-Timor Trekkers reunite

The team coming together again displays the bonds that can be made when you commit to a challenging adventure against all the elements. Through all the blood sweat and tears of the original 130km journey over towering peaks in the Timor high country, this proves that the benefits don't end when the plane touches down back home. Often lifelong friends are made. If you would like to support the great projects that this trek goes towards, click on this link and donate to "team TTT".


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